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Broncos Fans Still Upset

After a dismal 2017 season in which the Broncos finished last place in the division with eleven losses the fans still have a bad taste in their mouth coming into this season and the first game only added fuel to the fire.

Broncos Fans Booing
Boo Birds

The boo birds were out in full force after the Vikings #MINvsDEN quickly marched down the field making quick work out of the Broncos number one and two defense. QBs Case Keenum and Paxton Lynch struggled to get anything going on the offensive side of the ball as well.

Joe Woods seems over his skis at times and when Von Miller gets the “call from upstairs” that he is not playing, you know Vance Joseph is still not calling the shots. Maybe it is a trust issue?

A large percentage of Broncos fans desperately wanted an offensive minded coach in Kyle Shanahan but in the end, John Elway chose defensive specialist Vance Joseph instead. Joseph has not done himself any favors by having unprepared teams, fights between the offense and defense, and says some of the most random things at the podium every week.

After obvious poor performances he consistently says, “I don’t really know what I saw” and “I need to see the film” when 75,000+ fans and millions more on the TV clearly saw what transpired.

Broncos Fans bleed orange and blue and remain steadfast in coming to games, buying memorabilia, and attending camp. But don’t expect them to stand and cheer for poor performances. That may work in Cleveland where losing has become a way of life but in Broncos Country fans expect to win and at a minimum expect a gritty effort. That is exactly why the fans went crazy for Chad Kelly. They saw somebody who put in 100% effort on the field and he didn’t cry on the bench when things didn’t go his way.

The Broncos and their inexperienced coaching staff better get on the same page quick. We can’t have another season of Joseph saying, “we had a great practice,” but results never translating to the field.

The Broncos need more effort, execution, and grit against the Bears or the fans will be growling...again!

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