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Champ Bailey - A 1st Ballot Hall of Famer?

In 2019, Champ Bailey will become eligible for the Hall of Fame. Most experts believe Champ will follow the footsteps of his mentor and former teammate Darrell Green and get in on his first ballot. His stats seem to support that. Darrell Green played an amazing 20 seasons totaling 258 games. Champ Bailey played 15 seasons and 215 games. Champ finished his career with 52

Interceptions and 4 TDs. Not far behind Green's 54 Ints and 6 TDs who played five more seasons. Both were named to the NFL's All Decade Team (Green 90s, Bailey 2000’s). Champ was named to the Pro Bowl 12 times. Green was selected 7 times. Champ also led the NFL in 2006 with 10 interceptions. Green highest season of interceptions was 5 which he did three times.

To answer the question; Is Champ Bailey a 1st Ballot Hall of Famer? I say, "100%, Yes!" Champ was a game changer on the field and is a legend in Broncos Country.

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