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Mile High Meltdown

The Broncos spent the better have of Monday night pounding the rock on offense and pressuring Kansas City's young QB on defense. Then with less than seven minutes to go the Broncos entire team wilted.

Vance Joseph record 7-13

The most glaring problem continues to be Vance Joseph and the coaching staff. When KC scored late in the game the Broncos had a chance to end everything with a solid, time consuming drive. Instead the Broncos did three short plays for 0 yards and punted. Then the Broncos went into a protective defensive scheme and Patrick Mahomes chewed them up and spit them out.

Von Miller who started the season blazing hot has now gone two games without a sack. He did do a fair amount of chasing Mahomes around but just couldn't get it done. Miller would tire out and head to the sidelines while Mahomes would return to the huddle and bring it again.

The Broncos most glaring offensive problem in their so-called upgrade at QB. Last season Trevor Siemian after 4 games completed 62.6% of his passes for 7 TDs and 4 INTs. His QB rating a solid 90,8 His cap hit was $628,196.

Case Keenum after 4 games completed 61.7% of his passes with only 3 TDs and 6 INTs. HIs QB rating is 72.1. His cap hit is $15 million this season. Keenum had a wide open DT streaking down the sideline with the game on the line and over threw him. He has now gone 3 straight games without a TD pass. The Vikings didn't just walk away from Case Keenum, they ran. Now we are seeing why.

The Broncos have a horrible head coach, lack luster coordinators, poor left tackle, mediocre linebackers, overpaid wide receiver in Demaryius Thomas (4 games, 168 yards, 1 TD, Cap hit 12 million) and a quarterback that is more of a side grade than an upgrade. The Broncos could have been the AFC West leaders last night but the coaching staff and some key players didn't deliver. John Elway can go give his annual "soft speech" again or he can look in the mirror and see how his poor choices have negatively hurt this team and do something to change it.

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Don't forget about the db's. Roby is down right awful, can't cover to save his life! They play 10 to 15 yards off the ball pre-snap which effectively neutralizes the pass rush. The leadership is 100% absent from this team, they play with no heart or urgency. Von is a great player but is definitely not a leader nor any of the coaching staff. They are just not a good team, plain and simple!

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