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Rookie Courtland Sutton Changes Everything

There has been a lot of hype about standout rookie WR Courtland Sutton, but what people are not talking about is how his play is impacting the entire team.

Without a solid #2 receiver on the outside with Demaryius Thomas, the Broncos couldn’t afford to move Emmanuel Sanders to the slot. With the addition of Sutton, many offensive formations now exploit a mismatch by one or more wide-outs. So far, the WR corps have been incredible at camp led by consistent play of Thomas and Sanders, plus “You Got Mossed” over the top receptions by Sutton. Then you add in pass catching tight ends Jake Butt and Jeff Heuerman, now we finally find ourselves with a dangerous offense again led by new QB Case Keenum.

Courtland Sutton You Got Mossed
Picture via @instabroncos on IG.

Another impact Sutton is having, is that his solid play making ability motivates Thomas and Sanders to step up their game. They hear the buzz in camp and they don’t want to be out staged by the Rook. Will Parks called Sutton “LeBron James on the field” and Shaq Barrett referred to Sutton as, “the best second round pick he has ever seen.” This has also fueled the game of fellow Rookie WR DeaSean Hamilton and other pass catchers on the squad.

Understanding all teams have optimism this time of year, but for someone who had been coming to Broncos camp since the Greeley days in the 80’s you get a sense that this rookie is going to be special and this offense is going to be greatly improved.

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